Irene McGhee, a 60 year old grandmother has been homeless for the better part of a decade, after losing both her husband and her home. She spent a lot of time in a particular Los Angeles neighborhood, where she and 37 year old, Elvis Summers struck up an unlikely friendship.

After getting to know McGhee, Summers was determined to help her in some way. After purchasing $500 worth of wood and collecting some donated siding and roof shingles from a local building supply company, Summers got down to work and ending up creating something truly magical.

The home Summers created was built on wheels so that McGhee is able to move her home every three days, this way she does not have to worry about violating any laws.

Since completing McGhee's home, Summers has been so inspired that he decided to create a GoFundMe account to raise money to help even more people find a safe place to sleep.


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